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Egbert Mulder, the policy maker of the Graduate School of Natural Sciences, is willing to also act as a confidential for PhD candidates of the GSNS. He is available to discuss any confidential issues that you cannot solve through your institute’s tutorship/mentoring system. You can reach him at or visit his personal page at

Scientific integrity

Academic integrity counselor Faculty of Science
prof. dr. L.T.G. (Bert) Theunissen <>
Academic integrity counselor Utrecht University
prof. dr. Paul Schnabel <>

Organization of Utrecht University and its Science Faculty

The administration of Utrecht University is organised along two lines: the corporate level and the level of faculties and service departments. Formal representative bodies have been established at both administrative levels. A schematic overview is given below (see Fig. 1).

Fig. 1: Overview of the structure of Utrecht University.

The single bodies are described on the University website:

The faculty of Science is divided into six departments: biology, pharmaceutical sciences, chemistry, physics and astronomy, computing sciences and mathematics (see Fig. 2). Two graduate schools exist that include different departments. The graduate school of natural sciences is made up of the chemistry, physics and astronomy, computing sciences and mathematics departments. The graduate school of life sciences consists of the biology, pharmaceutical and chemistry departments. Next to the dean of the faculty of science (Gerrit van Meer) there is also a faculty director (Klaas Druijf), a faculty council and a board team. Detailed information about the tasks of the different councils can be found here:

Fig. 2: Structure of the faculty of sciences.

A more detailed information on up-to date numbers can be found on the intranet:

The strategic plan of the science faculty as well as the overall impression of every year can be found here: