Institute of Information and Computing Sciences

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Approximate number of PhD candidates: 42 (list)
Confidant person: Marinus Veldhorst <>
Office BBL-575, Tel. +31-30-2534450


The Research Institute for Information and Computing Sciences is divided into four divisions, where some divisions are further subdivided into groups:

  • Artificial Intelligence
    • Algorithmic Data Analysis (1 PhD)
    • Algorithmic Systems (1 PhD)
    • Decision Support Systems (8 PhDs)
    • Intelligent Systems (5 PhDs)
  • Interaction Technology (4 PhDs)
  • Software Systems
    • Organisation and Information (10 PhDs)
    • Software Technology (5 PhDs)
  • Virtual Worlds (8 PhDs)

Teaching load

Up to 15%, depending on who funds your project. The director of education takes care these percentages are not exceed, formally at least. In practice this means you will be assisting two courses a year (except during your final 6 months).